Are You Too Old for Videogames? (Hint: No), second only to the New York Post in their propensity for somewhat inaccurate attention grabbing headlines, published an article last week called 5 Ways to Tell You’re Getting Too Old for Video Games. The article is more about things that are wrong with video game design and an advertisement against having three children if […]

Objects in the Virtual World Are More Real Than They Appear

Slavoj Zizek speaking in an excerpt from The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema “It’s just a game” or “It’s just the internet” is the standby excuse for allowing reprehensible behavior towards other people when interactions with them are mediated by a computer. Zizek argues that it’s precisely when the constraints of society are removed that we […]

The Maggie Test for Video Games

To pass the Maggie test a video game must have: a playable female character which is available to play right away, and not as a special bonus feature In a previous post, I alluded to this video game corollary to the Bechdel test. We talked about it a bit and my friend agreed to let […]

Video Games Are Not a Boys Only Treehouse

The message of street harassment is women, stay home. You don’t belong out in public. The message of in-game harassment to women in game networks and MMOs is similar: women, this is male territory, stay out. But the street does not belong to men alone, nor is the virtual world boys-only. I’ve been playing video […]

A Short History of the Bechdel Test

In yesterday’s linkdump I mentioned a review that applied the Bechdel test to video games. To pass the test a movie must: include at least two women  who have at least one conversation… about something other than a man or men. Alison Bechdel originated the test in her comic, Dykes To Watch Out For in […]