I was talking on Twitter about how I was approached tonight when standing with my friend at a bus-stop downtown by a creepy guy. A male acquaintance asked me how he was being creepy, outside of “unreciprocated flirting”, with genuine curiousity. This is the difference between me and men – I don’t…
It seems shy, nerdy guys are always asking these questions: How do I flirt with women without being creepy about it? Just asking the question presumes a lot, like that dudes have the right to flirt with women at any time and women have the duty to explain to them if it’s unwanted. It also sets up a false equivalency between a dude’s desire to flirt an a woman’s desire to be physically safe. So I normally just link them to the Schroedinger’s Rapist article, and call it a day. I will now add this blog post to my list of resources for well-meaning but uneducated nerds. Please read it. What she says is all true.

Hot City Blues: How to Talk to Women And Not Be “Creepy.”

Who is the Drama Queen?

The feminist subject “in the room” hence “brings others down” not only by talking about unhappy topics such as sexism but by exposing how happiness is sustained by erasing the signs of not getting along. […] My point here would be that feminists are read as being unhappy, such that situations of conflict, violence, and […]

Consciousness Raising via the Blogosphere

Feminists in the late 60s started formally getting together in groups to talk about the conditions of their life in order to analyze them politically. One of the keys to consciousness raising was that women felt isolated in their experiences (and were physically isolated from each other by the conditions under which many of their […]

Monday Linkdump: Booth Babes, Fighting Back

The Problem With ‘Booth Babes’ While these jobs may provide lucrative networking opportunities, being a hot chick in a roomful of mostly geeky men is sure to promote misunderstandings. The article discusses the problems booth babes face while doing their job. No surprise, it’s a shitty job. The article talks also about dudes at the […]

Video Games Are Not a Boys Only Treehouse

The message of street harassment is women, stay home. You don’t belong out in public. The message of in-game harassment to women in game networks and MMOs is similar: women, this is male territory, stay out. But the street does not belong to men alone, nor is the virtual world boys-only. I’ve been playing video […]

I Call for a Smile Boycott

I originally posted this to my local Craigslist “missed connections” section. It was eventually taken down as not being in the spirit of the thing. Having walked for a while in the clement weather with my new favorite jam fed directly from the marvel of technology in my pocket into my ears, I reached an […]