Not sure how I feel about this. Thoughts, anyone?
Another antifeminist shill outs herself. I’m glad she admits she’s not a feminist rather than re-defining feminism to be “whatever I want it to mean!” One could play antifeminism bingo with this article. “I did it and so can you if you just step up” — victim blaming for women oppressed economically. “I love being feminine” — embracing gender essentialism.  “Feminism is what keeps women back” — mistaking naming the problem for creating the problem. Sadly, Ms. Theus has been duped into performing the work of the patriarchy by shilling for it. She probably gets more by playing along than she would by truly examining her condition and speaking out. One of the conditions of women’s oppression is that we are supposed to pretend to be happy about it. For an antidote to this post, I suggest reading Sara Ahmed’s article “Feminist Killjoys (And Other Willful Subjects)”

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