Why Women Feel Guilty About Gaming

Women’s leisure is not taken seriously because women’s work is not taken seriously. Women’s work outside of the home is still construed as a kind of hobby. At the same time, the work inside the home is invisible and unpaid. In a world where the value of a thing is determined by its price, unpaid […]

Monday Linkdump: LAN Party Bans Women to Avoid Sexism

I bet these dudes in Texas were not expecting that the whole internet would be mad at them for “solving” the sexism problem at their LAN party by banning women at their upcoming Battlefield 3 launch party. It’s a private party and the organizers can do what they like, legally speaking, but let’s not confuse […]

Why I Write About Gaming and Feminism

I write about gaming and feminism because I love gaming as a hobby, but because we live in a sexist world, and games reflect the world, games are not free of sexism. If I thought that games and gamers were incorrigibly sexist and horrible, I would not bother to write about them very much. I […]

The Seven Habits of Women-Friendly Gaming Communities

Every time I go to a garage sale, I see a dusty copy of The Seven Habit of Highly Effective People. There must be a lot of people trying to be effective but not really putting their heart in it.  I read the introduction once where the author shows his scheduling priority system and I […]

Romantic Love is a Force for Evil

Romanticism develops in proportion to the liberation of women from their biology. As civilization advances and the biological bases of sex class crumble, male supremacy must shore itself up with artificial institutions, or exaggerations of previous institutions, e.g., where previously the family had a loose, permeable form, it now tightens and rigidifies into the patriarchal […]

No Chicks Allowed in Techs’ New Golf

The Internet, and game worlds even more so, have become a third place. A third place is somewhere that isn’t home and isn’t work, but a semi-public place where one goes often and sees other people. The bar in the TV show Cheers was a third place. Coffee houses, gyms, city parks, and now, add […]

The Trouble with Booth Babes

E3 was this week and I was surprised to see the coverage mentioning “booth babes” which I recalled had been banned by the conference in 2006, presumably because they were seen us un-serious and unprofessional. I was disappointed to learn of the change, because the return of the booth babes marks a step backwards for […]

Monday Linkdump: Portal, Portal 2, Feminist Yay

It started with Portal: Portal and the Bechdel Test I don’t know many video games that pass the Bechdel test, even though a lot of big-budget mainstream video games are putting an increasing amount of their mainstream big budgets into dialog and scripted scenes. The game I know that passes it best is Portal. The […]