Twittsterhood is Powerful, Feminist Gamers of the Intertubes

When you’re a woman gamer, it’s hard not to feel like an anomaly. Even though there actually are a lot of us, we’re represented as a minority. Both in the official imagery of games (and their marketing), and in the surrounding gamer culture, we get the message that this space isn’t really for us. When […]

In Defense of Anger

My brother is an engineer and makes robots. The thing that led him to be so great at his profession is that he sees things wrong around him that others do not and is driven to fix them. For example, when I was living in a shitty apartment with a  bathroom door that wouldn’t close […]

Who is the Drama Queen?

The feminist subject “in the room” hence “brings others down” not only by talking about unhappy topics such as sexism but by exposing how happiness is sustained by erasing the signs of not getting along. […] My point here would be that feminists are read as being unhappy, such that situations of conflict, violence, and […]