Developing Feminist Consciousness is Taking the Red Pill

Developing feminist consciousness—the awareness of the sexist systems of oppression—is very difficult at first because sexist oppression is so built into culture, into life, into the most mundane and exalted things, in a word, so ubiquitous, that one is tempted to believe that this is how has always been and how it always must be, […]

Male Privilege Monday

Having male privilege is like riding a bicycle with the wind always at your back. You didn’t do anything to earn it. You didn’t ask for it. Yet there it is, everywhere you go, always helping you out.  It’s there you’re whole life if you’re a man, and it’s so normal, that unless you make […]

The Big Lie That We Don’t Need Feminism Anymore

When I started this site, I didn’t call myself a feminist. I had a hazy idea that feminism was a good thing, but it was something that other people worried about, not me. I was living in a time and culture that had transcended the need for feminism, because in my world we were all […]

Mansplaining Explained

Allow me to reach forth to the realm of Platonic forms and grab therefrom a type of experience you are likely to have had or witnessed if you’re female. You’re at a party. It’s full of smart, interesting people because you are smart and interesting and like seeks like. Over by the olives with little […]

A Short History of the Bechdel Test

In yesterday’s linkdump I mentioned a review that applied the Bechdel test to video games. To pass the test a movie must: include at least two women  who have at least one conversation… about something other than a man or men. Alison Bechdel originated the test in her comic, Dykes To Watch Out For in […]