I was talking on Twitter about how I was approached tonight when standing with my friend at a bus-stop downtown by a creepy guy. A male acquaintance asked me how he was being creepy, outside of “unreciprocated flirting”, with genuine curiousity. This is the difference between me and men – I don’t…
It seems shy, nerdy guys are always asking these questions: How do I flirt with women without being creepy about it? Just asking the question presumes a lot, like that dudes have the right to flirt with women at any time and women have the duty to explain to them if it’s unwanted. It also sets up a false equivalency between a dude’s desire to flirt an a woman’s desire to be physically safe. So I normally just link them to the Schroedinger’s Rapist article, and call it a day. I will now add this blog post to my list of resources for well-meaning but uneducated nerds. Please read it. What she says is all true.

Hot City Blues: How to Talk to Women And Not Be “Creepy.”