Some Toughts Scribbled Between Sets

The body loves progressive challenge. Incrementally increasing the challenge creates a space where we are always in the sweet spot of difficult but not impossible. Weightlifting is like progression raiding except instead of getting nerfed by 5% every few weeks, the boss gets harder to meet you at the place of challenge. More weights are […]

A Weightroom of One’s Own

License to Lift The orange notebook where I track repetitions of the stitches that I knit and repetitions of the big three is my tiny passport into the country of Squat. The muscled border guards need only see numbers and hashmarks and the focused look on my reddening face. “Excuse me Could I Get a […]

Fat Tuesday Traditional Pączki Recipe

This is my quick translation of the traditional Polish pączki recipe from Kuchnia Poska just in time for Fat Tuesday. I advise you to read the whole recipe before you begin and to think over it carefully. This is an old style of recipe which elides a great deal and assumes you know what you […]

An Open Love Letter to All Dudes In Rock Bands

“Would you still love me if I wrote you bad songs?” one of your legion asked me once, theoretically, I suppose. Well, theoretically speaking— No. Wait, actually, I guess I could.  Especially if I met you at a party where I was really drunk and you didn’t mention that you’re in a band.  Of course […]

Twittsterhood is Powerful, Feminist Gamers of the Intertubes

When you’re a woman gamer, it’s hard not to feel like an anomaly. Even though there actually are a lot of us, we’re represented as a minority. Both in the official imagery of games (and their marketing), and in the surrounding gamer culture, we get the message that this space isn’t really for us. When […]

Spirit Link Totem is Communist Totem

Just as Communist wealth redistribution schemes take wealth from those who have more and redistribute it across society so everyone has an equal share, so does Spirit Link Totem take health and redistributes it evenly among your party or raid so everyone has an equal share. Thus, it is fair to say that Spirit Link […]

The Muscular Female Body Under Scrutiny

I read some articles written by men in the fitness industry explaining the phenomenon of women being accused of looking too muscular or worrying that they might look too muscular. It was adorable, like watching children develop superstitious causality theories based on incomplete evidence. Women, these men posit, develop neuroses about their bodies because they […]

The End of War

I was having coffee with a friend today and seeing that there were a lot more people around than the usual slackers and bums like us, he wondered out loud if it was some kind of holiday. “Armistice Day,” I said. That’s what 11/11 has been to me ever since I became aware that it […]

Webcomics That Teach Feminism

Today, I present to you two educational webcomics. First, Dinosaur Comic Explains the Male Gaze. Second, Sinfest explains the Patriarchy using the metaphor of the Matrix and feminist consciousness as taking the red pill. Do you read or create a webcomic that has a feminist message that you wish more people would read?