Poem: State of Injustice

State of Injustice Is a human life, after all, irreducible value As you have claimed, or do you trade As an acceptable price–for your power, For your segregated neighborhood, For your sundown paranoia indulged, For your generations of looted labor, For the lawless laws That serve not justice, but power– That now and then a […]

I Speak To Women; Men May Listen In

While I find it somewhat tedious to explain feminist politics to men, I am happy to have men listen in on some of my conversations with women. One of the first lessons a privileged person can learn is to listen in on a conversation that’s not centered on them. By refusing to explain basic feminism […]

A Short Post on Postmodernism

I like postmodernism both as a mode of criticism and as a movement in art and literature. Postmodernism cracked open the literary canon. It rejected the big, universal narrative. Postmodernism gave us Pynchon.Though maybe it’s better to say Pynchon gave us the postmodern novel. Postmodernism defied the notion of culture as rarefied. It gave us […]

The Difficult Pleasures of Noise Music

I prefer noise music live. Part of the experience is feeling the sound in your whole body so recordings only give you a very small part of it. Once I went to a drone noise show that was inside a giant corrugated metal half pipe set in the middle of some kind of industrial park […]

New Warcraft Human Female Model: Does She Even Lift?

Alright, here’s my official weight lifter perspective on the new Human Female model in World of Warcraft. The muscles of the arms and shoulders look nice. Biceps, triceps, and delts are all a nice size and well-defined. However as an adventuring hero to build that kind of muscle you’d not be doing a targeted bodybuilding […]

Powerful Outside Incentives for Sexy Cosplay

This blog post is adapted from a forum conversation I had recently. I play the part of feminist Socrates. Glaucon plays the part of everyone else. Glaucon: O feminist Socrates, is it not true that many of the costumes women wear at comics, gaming, and scifi conventions are rather sexualized? Feminist Socrates: It’s true, friend […]

Blog Returns, Now with Comments

I’m implementing comments on the blog. To be able to comment on the blog, you will have to create an account, have it approved by me, comment, and have each comment approved. In other words: 1. Submit application for registration a) Click comment b) Click register c) Enter a name and valid email address 2. […]

Why Women Need Iron

Women need iron. Not the vitamin. The barbell. We are trained by the world around us to have fucked up ideas about our bodies; iron unfucks them. We are supposed to be as thin as possible, as small as possible, perhaps until we disappear; iron teaches us to take up space. We are taught that […]

In Defense of Humorless Feminists

Jokes and humor defuse tense situations. If you want to put your audience at ease, you make a light joke. What if you don’t want to put your audience at ease? What if unease and discomfort are specifically your aims? What if your goal is precisely to reframe something that’s normally dismissed as trivial? Since […]

Facing Fear at the Barbell and in the Thunderdome

I noticed the blood when I reached into my chalk bag before the big deadlift work set.  I was already intimidated by the weight I had put on the bar, 150 pounds, something I’d never done before. Seeing blood seeping from my pinkie nail bed and smeared on the finger turned anxiety into terror. It […]