A Short Post on Postmodernism

I like postmodernism both as a mode of criticism and as a movement in art and literature. Postmodernism cracked open the literary canon. It rejected the big, universal narrative. Postmodernism gave us Pynchon.Though maybe it’s better to say Pynchon gave us the postmodern novel.

Postmodernism defied the notion of culture as rarefied. It gave us permission to critically engage with low culture.

Postmodernism ate its own young — the white dude-o-centric canon — and that’s a good thing.

This shit you all like so much, where you take high culture and use it in whimsical, unexpected ways — that’s postmodernism at play. Postmodernism is playful. It’s the whimsical younger sister of totalitizing modernism.

Modernism is what happened after the death of God. Death of God being the end of an imposted outside idea/ideal. People were so used to meaning coming from the divine though that they desperately tried to remake another total narrative, without God. Postmodernism is what happens after the death of the death of God.