New Warcraft Human Female Model: Does She Even Lift?

Alright, here’s my official weight lifter perspective on the new Human Female model in World of Warcraft.

Human Female Revamp World of Warcraft
Human Female revamp preview released on January 23, 2014

The muscles of the arms and shoulders look nice. Biceps, triceps, and delts are all a nice size and well-defined. However as an adventuring hero to build that kind of muscle you’d not be doing a targeted bodybuilding workout and therefore you’d build up the surrounding, bigger muscles too. Human Female needs bigger trapezius muscles.

Right now she has arms like Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 while her neck and traps look like a runway model. That doesn’t match.

Arms like this:

Sarah Connor in Terminator 2
Sarah Connor looking badass and inspiring a generation of women to hit the gym.

Neck like this:

A runway model
A runway model is a very specific kind of beautiful

Human Female has rather nice, distinct calves of the sort many a bodybuilder would envy however as an adventuring hero rather than a bodybuilder doing infinite calf raises, she would build up the surrounding muscles more. Therefore, she would have bigger glutes (that’s butt in normal talk) and possibly bigger quads, though her quads aren’t bad.


Not only does Human Female lift, she appears to lift in a very targeted, body-builder style, deliberately avoiding some key muscle groups.

I like the new Human Female, but I would like her to change to a more balanced workout to prepare for the adventuring life.