A Weightroom of One’s Own

License to Lift The orange notebook where I track repetitions of the stitches that I knit and repetitions of the big three is my tiny passport into the country of Squat. The muscled border guards need only see numbers and hashmarks and the focused look on my reddening face. “Excuse me Could I Get a […]

Fat Tuesday Traditional Pączki Recipe

This is my quick translation of the traditional Polish pączki recipe from Kuchnia Poska just in time for Fat Tuesday. I advise you to read the whole recipe before you begin and to think over it carefully. This is an old style of recipe which elides a great deal and assumes you know what you […]

An Open Love Letter to All Dudes In Rock Bands

“Would you still love me if I wrote you bad songs?” one of your legion asked me once, theoretically, I suppose. Well, theoretically speaking— No. Wait, actually, I guess I could.  Especially if I met you at a party where I was really drunk and you didn’t mention that you’re in a band.  Of course […]