Twittsterhood is Powerful, Feminist Gamers of the Intertubes

When you’re a woman gamer, it’s hard not to feel like an anomaly. Even though there actually are a lot of us, we’re represented as a minority. Both in the official imagery of games (and their marketing), and in the surrounding gamer culture, we get the message that this space isn’t really for us. When […]

Spirit Link Totem is Communist Totem

Just as Communist wealth redistribution schemes take wealth from those who have more and redistribute it across society so everyone has an equal share, so does Spirit Link Totem take health and redistributes it evenly among your party or raid so everyone has an equal share. Thus, it is fair to say that Spirit Link […]

The Muscular Female Body Under Scrutiny

I read some articles written by men in the fitness industry explaining the phenomenon of women being accused of looking too muscular or worrying that they might look too muscular. It was adorable, like watching children develop superstitious causality theories based on incomplete evidence. Women, these men posit, develop neuroses about their bodies because they […]