Why Woman Gamer and Not Just Gamer?

Gamer should be a neutral term, including all kinds of humans who game: women and men; humans of various races; able bodied and disabled; gay, straight, bi, other; cis and trans; young, old and in between; and much more. It should mean that but it doesn’t. Analyze the ways games are designed and marketed, examine […]

I’m a Woman Gamer, Not a Girl Gamer

Infantalization is an oldie but baddie in the rich pageant of misogyny’s offerings. First you require women to act in immature ways in order to be considered properly feminine, and then you make fun of them for being immature. As a bonus, you then get to sexualize actual children since there’s no distinction between a […]

It comes up a lot in discussions of women in computer science, women who write code, women in open source. Eventually, someone brings up the fact that women score slightly lower on math tests. Clearly, they claim, this biological inferiority must explain why there are fewer women in math heavy fields. It sounds like a compelling reason, and it gets a lot of play. Except, you know what? It’s a lie. I’m a mathematician. I’ve looked at those numbers, I’ve read some papers. The research into biologically-linked ability is fascinating, but it simply isn’t significant enough to explain the huge gender gap we see in the real world. I used to do this presentation on the back of a napkin for people who tried to spout this misconception to my face, and I finally put it online: How does biology explain the low numbers of women in CS? Hint: it doesn’t.

How does biology explain the low numbers of women in computer science? Hint: it doesn’t.

On Refusing to Turn to Bad Faith Cheerfulness

Sometimes an internet feminist requires the restorative effects of pulp sci fi and imaginary bear ass collecting in order to stave off the despair that sets in after pondering the shitty situation of women under the Patriarchy, and not just in video games but all the time. For example a few weeks ago I got […]