Are You Too Old for Videogames? (Hint: No), second only to the New York Post in their propensity for somewhat inaccurate attention grabbing headlines, published an article last week called 5 Ways to Tell You’re Getting Too Old for Video Games. The article is more about things that are wrong with video game design and an advertisement against having three children if you wish to still have hobbies as an adult; not nearly as provocative as the headline implied.

The headline, though, depends on the popular trope of shaming adult gamers. And in a broader sense on nerd-shaming or perhaps even nerd-baiting, since everyone knows nerds can’t stand it when someone is wrong on the Internet.

I am indeed too old for this shit. Only what I’m too old for is not video games but giving a fuck about what other people think about how I lead my life and what I do with my free time. When I turned 30 a certain burden dropped. The burden of giving a fuck. The burden of the worry that one day I’d turn normal and have to put aside my weirdo life.