On Refusing to Turn to Bad Faith Cheerfulness

Sometimes an internet feminist requires the restorative effects of pulp sci fi and imaginary bear ass collecting in order to stave off the despair that sets in after pondering the shitty situation of women under the Patriarchy, and not just in video games but all the time. For example a few weeks ago I got some mail from my retirement plan with a helpful tip-box giving me the helpful tip that since as a woman I am fucked by the gender wage gap, I should save more money so I don’t spend my old age in poverty. I’m not sure if it was stealth feminist propaganda or just pragmatic advice.

I’ve been trying to write something cheering, or cheerful, or at least funny, to try to show that feminism is not an unrelenting stream of depressing facts about how it sucks to be a woman. But every time I tried I caught myself and realized I wasn’t being honest. Pretending that things aren’t so bad after all, that oppression is merely a setback which can be overcome with plucky self confidence and nice shoes is just one way of self silencing.

Despair isn’t exactly fun, or useful, but at least it’s honest. At least you know what you’re up against. It’s no way to live, but no one said that belonging to an oppressed class is pleasant.