In Which I Instantly Solve All Sexist Abuse and Harassment of Women and Girls in Gaming

A woman gamer admits on reddit that she pretended to be male for 6 years after she had some seriously fucking creepy experiences due to her awful crime of gaming while female. “Discussion” ensues. One sympathetic commenter responds

There’s so much I want to ask, but for right now, I’ll just ask the one thing: What, if anything, do you think could be done to make online gaming less hostile/creepy for women and girls, and still preserve freedom? Have you given any thought to what you’d like to see done or what some game sites/companies are doing?

And then a barrage of victim blaming ensues, explaining how women encourage this and women don’t stand up for themselves and it’s really all the women’s fault. I don’t really have time this afternoon to talk about hating “those girls” again but I’ve got something even better.

Here, let me solve this problem for you quickly. To make gaming less hostile and creepy for women and girls, men need to stop being hostile and creepy to women and girls. Problem fucking solved.

Men, cut that shit out. Men who have already cut that shit out, keep up the good work, and call your fellow men out on that shit. I would tell women to cut the victim blaming shit out, but if the men cut the creepy out immediately, then there won’t be any victims left to blame. Peace and harmony and we all slay internet dragons together for ever, holding hands and singing Imagine while dancing across sun dappled fields of green grass and occasionally yodeling in pure joy.

On the off chance than all men everywhere do not immediately obey my brilliant suggestion: Women, I know it’s hard sometimes to call men out because of backlash, but please at least cut the victim blaming shit out.

Men, if you’re still obeying my commands (here imagine the bright beam of a mind control ray coming out from between my eyes and into your brain via the light in the computer screen), please also cut out all creepy and hostile shit towards women in all other venues. Thank you.