Who is the Drama Queen?

The feminist subject “in the room” hence “brings others down” not only by talking about unhappy topics such as sexism but by exposing how happiness is sustained by erasing the signs of not getting along. […] My point here would be that feminists are read as being unhappy, such that situations of conflict, violence, and […]

Damned If you Do, Damned If You Don’t

No matter what you do as a woman, you’re doing it wrong. It’s not simply that the ideal to which you are supposed to live up to is difficult. The ideal is impossible because it’s subject to change at any time at the whim of the men (and sadly, yes, women, too) judging you constantly. […]

Four-Step Process to Feminist Liberation

1. Start a consciousness raising blog 2. ?* 3. Feminist revolution 4. Liberation Step 2 is going to need some fleshing out, but I feel it’s a sound model. *With all due respect to the underpants gnomes profit plan so popular in the days of web 1.0

Shortly before the lunch, we asked the 77-year-old Steinem if she thought the Kardashians “empower” other women. “No,” replied the founder of Ms. magazine. “They’re not empowering other women, but there’s no point in blaming the people who take advantage of the system without changing the system.
I don’t know who the Kardashians are. I assume some kind of space alien. But this point is very close to what I was trying to say about “gamer girls” yesterday.

Kardashians do not empower women:

Joanna Russ on Bad Faith and Privilege

To act in act in a way that is both racist and sexist, to maintain one’s class privilege, it is only necessary to act in the customary, ordinary, usual, even polite manner. Nonetheless I doubt that any of us who does so is totally without the knowledge that something is wrong. To slide into decisions […]

Developing Feminist Consciousness is Taking the Red Pill

Developing feminist consciousness—the awareness of the sexist systems of oppression—is very difficult at first because sexist oppression is so built into culture, into life, into the most mundane and exalted things, in a word, so ubiquitous, that one is tempted to believe that this is how has always been and how it always must be, […]

On London: Rioting in Media Context

the-r-evolution: ITV Reporter: Is rioting the correct way to express your discontent? Young Londoner: You wouldn’t be talking to me now if we didn’t riot, would you? ITV Reporter: … Young Londoner: Two months ago we marched to Scotland Yard, more than 2,000 of us, all blacks, and it was peaceful and calm and you […]