How to Get Your Wife or Live-In Girlfriend to Play Video Games

  1. Do the dishes, and not just some times, all the time.
  2. Clean the house. And don’t do a shitty job.
  3. Do the laundry.
  4. Do your own ironing.
  5. Make dinner. And not unhealthy crap food, make real dinner. And not just as a special thing. And wash the dishes after.
  6. Buy your own socks and underwear when they wear out.
  7. Take care of the kids/baby. No, you’re not babysitting. It’s your kid; take care of it all the time.
  8. Sew on your own buttons.
  9. Buy the groceries. And not crap groceries, buy real groceries. If you don’t know shit about nutrition then learn about it.*

Once you’ve done all this, your wife or girlfriend might have enough time to play video games with you. Then you might want to pick some games that pass the Maggie Test.

*This is not an exhaustive list, but it provides a good starting point.