The Trouble with Booth Babes

E3 was this week and I was surprised to see the coverage mentioning “booth babes” which I recalled had been banned by the conference in 2006, presumably because they were seen us un-serious and unprofessional. I was disappointed to learn of the change, because the return of the booth babes marks a step backwards for […]

“Make Me a Sandwich!”

I can’t, because I’m allergic to fucking bread. Thanks for reminding me of my disability, you insensitive asshole. (Sometimes humor works to disarm sexism. Other times it’s only funny to me. )

Video Games Are Not a Boys Only Treehouse

The message of street harassment is women, stay home. You don’t belong out in public. The message of in-game harassment to women in game networks and MMOs is similar: women, this is male territory, stay out. But the street does not belong to men alone, nor is the virtual world boys-only. I’ve been playing video […]

I Call for a Smile Boycott

I originally posted this to my local Craigslist “missed connections” section. It was eventually taken down as not being in the spirit of the thing. Having walked for a while in the clement weather with my new favorite jam fed directly from the marvel of technology in my pocket into my ears, I reached an […]

A Short History of the Bechdel Test

In yesterday’s linkdump I mentioned a review that applied the Bechdel test to video games. To pass the test a movie must: include at least two women  who have at least one conversation… about something other than a man or men. Alison Bechdel originated the test in her comic, Dykes To Watch Out For in […]

Monday Linkdump: Portal, Portal 2, Feminist Yay

It started with Portal: Portal and the Bechdel Test I don’t know many video games that pass the Bechdel test, even though a lot of big-budget mainstream video games are putting an increasing amount of their mainstream big budgets into dialog and scripted scenes. The game I know that passes it best is Portal. The […]

A Boy and His Wolf: Sexist Themes in Cave of Forgotten Dreams

“An 8 year old boy’s footprint is found next to those of a wolf. Was the wolf stalking the boy, were they walking as friends? Or were they walking thousands of years apart? We just don’t know…” A boy and his dog, running through our collective imagination 30,000 years ago. Across the abyss of millennia, […]

Man, I would, but I have shit to do

I used to always pick up the phone when it rang. Then one day I spent a weekend with a hippy and he said, “You know, you don’t have to. If you don’t want.” It changed my life, as anyone who’s ever tried to call me can attest. One day I was making plans for […]

Women Gamers and the Second Shift

Despite what trolls in public forums tell you, girls do play World of Warcraft, and plenty of other video games.  It’s not just anecdote, I have some Nielsen ratings to back it up. Yet, in the most competitive parts of the gaming world, women are a minority. Starcraft, ranked FPS, high ranked Warcraft raiding or […]