Monday Linkdump: Feminist Gamer Bingo, the Road to Radicalization

This Feminist Gamer Bingo card is probably the best thing I’ve found on the Internet all week.

Source: Rants of a Gamer Girl: Feminist Gamer Bingo!

Last week, Jill at I Blame the Patriarchy, the number one patriarchy blaming blog on the blogosphere,  encouraged her readers to share their stories about how they went from feminism-lite to radical feminism. Even if you don’t consider yourself a radical feminist, the stories are fascinating.

So, what’s your take? Did you slog through an embarrassing funfeminist phase? What turned you around? Is funfeminism a necessary step on the road to truth, beauty, and militancy? Give us your anecdote.

Anecdote Mania at I Blame the Patriarchy

Finally, Mary Tracy nails the weird, squishy, uncomfortable feeling I’ve been having about the Slut Walk protests. Anti-slut-shaming protests are good, challenging rape culture is good, so why do I have such mixed feelings about the Slut Walk? This is part of why:

Feminism is not a brand. We are not in it for the fame and fortune. We do not gain public support by increasing our visibility at all costs. This is not viral advertising. We don’t even need public support: a small but deeply committed group of women can achieve far more than a disperse group who get together once a year to march and wave banners.

A radical political movement doesn’t create change by bringing the majority on board. Rather, we get on with the work, and watch how the majority, eventually, joins in. That’s the way it has always worked. But by sacrificing our goals in the name of visibility, we are getting neither a group large enough to force change through Parliament nor a deeply committed small group of women.

Source: Anger, SlutWalk and the “Feminist Brand” (with hat-tip to Escape to the Sun Dome thanks to whose excellent radical feminist tumblr I found Ms Tracy’s essay)